System on Chip Laboratory

System on Chip Laboratory

System on Chip Laboratory

Meng-Hsueh Chiang

College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Master Degree Program on Nano-Integrated-Circuit Engineering

Tzu-Chiang Campus

Chi-Mei Building


06-2757575 ext.62400#2206

The research is divided into two part  in our laboratory.
1.Nanoelectronic devices and theory
2.Technology of integrated circuit manufacturing in next generation
The training covers five fields.
1.Materials of integrated circuit analysis
2.Devices of integrated circuit analysis
3.Technology of integrated  circuit manufacturing  research
4.Applications of Manufacturing technology in integrated circuit industry
5.Applications of information and management in integrated circuit industry

We use HSPICE and TCAD to help us studying characteristic of semiconductors.
The Research of memorys  mainly uses HSPICE, like 6T-SRAM and RRAM.
Most of the time, we do the Research of single device by TCAD, like MOSFET,FinFET and GAAFET.
System on Chip Laboratory