Introduction of UR


In the future, we will continue to promote related "Undergraduate Research" activities, hoping that our students will actively explore diverse and forward-looking technologies and high-quality academic connotations. We expect our students to cultivate the ability of cross-domain learning and research.



In 2019, NCKU launched the first-time ever “Undergraduate Research” events as a series of welcome ceremony for the freshmen. They are grouped up according to their interests and willingness to explore a wide-range-fields featured labs and distinguished research centers across the campuses. In addition, via the briefly presentations from MOST (Ministry Of Science and Technology) award-winning senior students as well as the annual UR academic poster contests, students received not only introductions but also inspirations for the upcoming years in NCKU.


In 2020, to encourage more students to experience the benefits and challenges from the events, instead of aiming at freshmen, UR were reaching out to all undergraduate students. Scholars and student groups from various fields are invited to provide precious advices in this weeks-lasting activities. For example, The International Genetically Engineered Machine(iGEM), one of the interdisciplinary teams in NCKU, shared their story of valuable efforts to motivate undergraduates for more research participation in the future.


In 2021, due to the unprecedented interventions of COVID-19, most physical UR events, including lab visits, poster contest, and experiences-sharing presentations have to be held on line. As a reception for the brand new age, the official NCKU UR website were revealed to the public in September, 2021. With this website, varieties of virtual experiences are provided ranging from 3D-lab-tours to on-line poster contest. 
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